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I help Software Engineers and Developers Rapidly Grow and Upgrade Your Career, Increase Your Happiness at work all while Building Kick Ass Software.  

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Learn how to work from your strengths, stay above the noise and exceed expectations inside the workplace.


We'll make sure you are headed in the direction that's best for, both for your desires and your potential.  We'll make you unstoppable!


Once you get into a groove, we'll show you ways to accomplish way more.  Forget about time constraints and abilities - they are just imaginary walls.

I'm Helping Software Professionals Kick Ass. 

This is a multi-week program which I'm designing for software engineers who want to grow their careers while finding the things that make oneself truly happy.

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Hi, I’m Matt.

I’ve worked in tech for 20 years, in all aspects of the business. I've built amazing things, helped exit companies and I've also screwed up some stuff along the way.  I've been through exits and I've even been fired.  Now, I teach engineers and software developers the most effective steps and ideas for navigating both startups and large companies to become more engaged, successful and happy.  Over the years, I've learned how to be great at things, scale my self and others,  and I'm here to share and give back.

More about Matt

"Matt was my reporting manager, but more than that he has been a great leader and a mentor. One of Matt's skills lies in people. He has helped me fit into the culture of the organization when I joined. We have had numerous sessions regarding personal and professional growth and his anecdotes and recommendations have always led me a step closer to my goal. He is a great inspiration and coach. Matt believes in promoting people and appreciating them for a job well done. I hope to continue to strengthen our professional relationship!"

Soumya J Banerjee
Senior Data Engineer

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