About Matt

First and foremost, I’m a Dad. And I’m married to a dynamo – the founder of MomsTO.com, Alana.

I’ve worked in tech for 20 years, in all aspects of the business. I’ve worked from the bottom up and have scaled and built high-performance technology-centric teams (and still do). I’ve done most all the things. I’ve worked in other industries not doing tech – cinema, luggage, fine dining, wine, and event management.

I’ve run my own company, worked for startups that were acquired and some that failed, and failed hard.

I love helping engineers to find their best selves and navigate the crazy world of startups and large organizations.

I’ve cooked in some great restaurants across North America.  I learned to navigate the extreme agile world of foodservice operations which has helped in the world of technology.  My restaurant, Bero, was top five in Globe and Mail for 2014, serving innovative Mediterranean food in a slightly weird atmosphere.  And what a list of successes and failures came out of that!

I’ve ruined many many pieces of software and dinners over the years and loves sharing his experiences about it.  He speaks publicly about messing up, blockchain, AI and technology in general

My career has been unorthodox, to say the least.  But It’s helped me learn and understand the only thing that matters across all the companies, industries and roles – which is finding happiness, working on things that are engaging and places that engage you, with people you can care about that make you the best version of yourself.  If there’s a recipe that can make you great executing too, its these tenets.



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